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Downloadable Digital Artworks for Digital Canvas or Photo Frame (*).


*Only Licensed Art, Digital Canvas Not Included.


Retrofuturista Digital Artworks 2024 Series 003.
This collection of digital artworks includes the 2024 animated artworks for digital canvas.


Preferred Digital Canvas for this artwork, Canvia Digital Canvas or Netgear Meural II Digital canvas, as well as some Digital Photo frame. Also vieweble on almost any smart TV such Samsung Frame. (please make sure your digital device accepts *mp4, *jpg file formats).

Gran Señor *Animated (Series 2024)

GST Included
  • The copyright proprietor, Kemelyen Ltd, (Gerardo C Ibarra V) has licensed the video footage and still images from these series of animated and still artworks for personal use only.

    All rights are reserved.

    Any unauthorised copying, editing, renting, distribution, exchanging, hiring, lending, duplicating or any other form of commercial use of this series of artworks, or any part thereof, its strictly prohibited and any such action establishes liability for a civil action and may rise to criminal prosecution.

    This series of digital artworks are licensed on the conditions that are not to be sold, hired, exported, re-supplied or distributed by way to trade without a proper license from Kemelyen Ltd. (Gerardo C Ibarra V).

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