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The best thing to have on your hand when you are in front of any of my Retrofuturista artworks is either a cheesy Arielle Dombasle vinyl or a "Cuba Libre" cocktail (Havana Club Rum and Coke) or both, ideally, you should be wearing a wrestling mask, but since it might be tricky to drink with a mask on, we can skip the mask.


For this particular acrylic-on-canvas piece, our hero "Blue Demon" is making a Margarita cocktail instead of a Cuba Libre. Why? …Well, why not?!

Rum & Coca Cola

GST Included
    • Canvas Size: 39.5' x 19.5' (100cm x 50cm)
    • Frame Size: 42.5' x 22.5' (100.6cm x 70cm)
    • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
    • Subject Matter: Kitsch
    • Creation Date: 2024
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