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In Lucha Libre, every match features two opponents, the good guys (known as Los Técnicos) and the bad guys (known as Los Rudos). They compete in the ring to become the world champion. However, in real life, they are undercover heroes who fight against space invaders, vampires, spies, and other peculiar and macabre characters. Despite this, some people still claim that wrestling is fake, …shame on you, you naughty!

This is Kemelyen's tribute to those anonymous masked heroes who keep our beloved world safe.


GST Included
    • Paper Size: 12 x 9 in (300mm x 220mm)
    • Frame Size: 15.5 x12.5  in (30cm x 40cm)
    • Medium: Original Art (Watercolour on Fabriano 50% Cotton Paper)
    • Subject Matter: Kitsch
    • Creation Date: 2023
    • Framed, Invisible Artglass AR70 70% UV.
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