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Kemelyen's Signature Chocolate con Chile was created by

Kemelyen & Organic Wildness
Día de los Muertos 2023

Don't miss the 27th of October 2023 (4:00pm) at kemelyen's Gallery Studio,

at Queens Arcade and celebrate with us Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos).

We will reveal a little Hot, Spicy, Piquant and Sweet Surprise!
Thanks to
Wildness Organic for making this event possible.

The afterparty will be at Wine & Mezcal La Fuente featuring:

"Retrofuturista Lounge Set" by DJ Britches & DJ Craig’s Jam.

Thanks heaps to State of Play Beer for sponsoring our refreshments!

If you like Music, you might also get your Marbecks Records Tee or Tote bag especially designed by Kemelyen.
Check the New designs here:
Marbecks Records & Kemelyen's Retrofuturista

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