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This is a sketch that was created before the original artwork. Initially, the sketched version was intended to be the final artwork. However, after inking the main element, the paper did not respond nicely to the pigment. Despite this, the artist did not want to dispose of it because he was happy with the overall layout. So, he started all over again on a much thicker paper and decided to frame the first attempt.

Now, the first version is available for purchase. You can enjoy it as the artist does having it in the gallery.

    From Russia with Love *LAYOUT

    GST Included
      • Paper Size: 21 x 14 in (530mm x 370mm)
      • Frame Size: 26 x20  in (700mm x 510mm)
      • Medium: Original Art (Indian Ink on 50% Cotton Paper)
      • Subject Matter: Kitsch
      • Creation Date: 2023
      • Framed, Invisible Artglass AR70 70% UV.
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