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Good morning Family!

While some children had superhero figures like "Superman" or "Batman," for Kemelyen, Tony the Tiger was his biggest hero. Tony always saved the day and not just because he's "Grrrreat!" but mostly because seeing his face on the cereal box every Saturday morning, enjoying a champion's breakfast, watching Mid-Century Sitcom TV shows with no school to worry about and heaps of sugar, made such an amazing time for any child.

This is Kemelyen's appropriation of Tony the Tiger, hopefully, it will trigger some good memories on you too.


GST Included
    • Paper Size: 12 x 9 in (300mm x 220mm)
    • Frame Size: 15.5 x12.5  in (30cm x 40cm)
    • Medium: Original Art (Watercolour on Fabriano 50% Cotton Paper)
    • Subject Matter: Kitsch
    • Creation Date: 2023
    • Framed, Invisible Artglass AR70 70% UV.
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